Dry Shampoo + Dry Conditioner + Style = $30

Shampoo, Blowdry & Style From $60


Rock & Roll

More rocker-chic than rocker-chick

Tap into your alter ego for a night on the town. Tousled, agitated, deliciously disheveled.Cue smoke machines. Curl Power.

Holly would

Fun, flirty with plenty of curl and bounce

Our dry bar experts discovered this maine will make boys experience a loss of co- ordination and weakness in the knees. If you want your date to pick up the bill this is the style for you.

Boho Braid

A twist on our signature blow out, literally

A sleek, full bodied style interlaced with woven looks. Go from good to goddess. An ideal style for a day at the beach or a walk in the park.

Red Carpet

This classic blow out will make the paparazzi snap

Smooth hair with lots of body and gentle arcs toward the neck. Monroe at her heartbreaking best. A must do for cocktails or an espresso-induced shopping spree.

High Society

This coif is guaranteed to get you whatever you want

How do we explain? A high attitude tornado tamed to perfection. Channel your inner Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The perfect accompaniment to a little black dress.

Executive Sweet

We’re talking skyscraper straight

Our best irons are on the case. This hair means business and is perfect for a power meeting, the “time for a raise” talk or boardroom presentation which will kick butt.

Hunt Club

The perfect pony

Every little girl dreamed of getting one for her birthday and this time you get exactly what you asked for. A polished look for an impromptu polo match or just because…